Our People

Our People

Our People

Our educators are kind and caring people who love involving children in their learning and encouraging them as each milestone is reached. In our centre, your child will enjoy play-based learning as our educators guide them. Our one-on-one attention means that we help instil skills and confidence for your child to take into the wider world. We celebrate and cherish your child’s accomplishments and foster connections with family and the broader community.

Centre Manager

Tami Seaman

Qualifications: 4 year Bachelor of Education Early Childhood

What makes you passionate about your job? Knowing that I am making a difference to children and families lives by providing nurturing, stimulating environments for them to learn and grow.

What is the most memorable moment in your time at the centre? Reigniting my passion for the field by working with some great experienced educators that I have worked with previously.

What makes this centre different from all others? A lovely big, spacey environment filled with highly educated, dedicated and experienced educators and a small animal farm and huge vegie patch.

Fun fact about you? I am from a very large family – the fifth down the line of 6 siblings, and wouldn’t have it any other way.